Innovative Study of the Heat



I have been studying about the heat for a quarter of a century.
I will write about it on this website.
Let's enjoy studying about the heat together.

A few stories

The heat and our rhythm

About the heat
(in Japanese)

About annealing
(in Japanese)

The reason that I continue to study about the heat
(in Japanese)

Special dishes for New Year's Day
(in Japanese)

A few interesting answers about the heat
(in Japanese / To a web service)

A check by myself
(in Japanese / To a Tumblr)


The work as my foundation
(in Japanese)

A lot of essays
(Almost in Japanese)

About me


Yagishita Motoyuki



Born in 1972 as a Japanese

Have been just an ordinary person

Only active as a swimmer

I look forward to hearing from you
on my transceiver in the 144MHz band
every evening.

[ Special thanks ]